iPod Boom Box

Ion Audio Block Rocker for rent from Anytime Rentals

Make your iPod the soundtrack to any event or party

BLOCK ROCKER is an all-in-one sound system for your iPod, microphone, or other audio sources. You can rock out with BLOCK ROCKER for more than 12 hours on its internal, rechargeable battery or connect to wall power. The large speaker and built-in amplifier ensure clean, clear audio for the entire gathering.  Sturdy construction and portable design, with wheels and a telescoping handle, make BLOCK ROCKER able to go anywhere and everywhere with you. Connect a microphone ( not included), instruments, CD/Mp3 player, or iPod to BLOCK ROCKER and you're ready get the party going, anywhere.

IPOD Boom Box, Rent an IPOD from Anytime Rentals

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