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Tables & Chairs





Canopies, Tents & Umbrellas

  High Directors Chairs     Ground Light     10'x10' Canopy (Blue)
  Medium Directors Chairs     Balloon Light     10'x10' Canopies (White)
  Low Directors Chairs     Clip Lights     10'x10' Canopies (Black)
  Folding Chairs     Worklights w/ Stands     10'x15' Canopy (Blue)
  Hydraulic Stylist Chairs (black)     Walkie Talkies     10'x15' Canopies (White)
  Hydraulic Stylist Chairs (white)     Walkies - UHF & VHF     10'x15' Canopies (Black)
  4' Folding Tables     Handmics     10'x20' Canopy (Blue)
  6' Folding Tables     Headsets     10'x20' Canopy (White)
  8' Folding Tables     Surveillance Headsets     10'x20' Canopy (Black)

36" Cocktail Tables

    Bullhorn     10' Sidewalls (Blue)
  Sandbags           10' Sidewall (White)
              10' Sidewall (Black)


  Heaters (Biodiesel / Gas / Electric)     15' Sidewall (Blue)
  Plastic Hangers (all types & sizes)     Heat Factory - 170K BTUs     15' Sidewall (White)
  Pipe & Drape Setup     FH Heater - 200K BTU     15' Sidewall (Black)
  Floor Mats 3x10 or 4x6 & Stair Pads     Cozy Red Blow Heat - 160K BTU     Sandbags (20lbs)
  Irons     Mini Cozy Red Blow Heat - 80K BTU     Large Sun Umbrella w/ Stand
  Ironing Boards     Crew Cooker - 150K BTU     Golf Umbrellas
  Wardrobe Racks     Pocket Hot Bio-Heater - 60K BTU      
  EXTENDO Wardrobe Racks     Single Rolling Propane Heater - 40K  BTU      
  Wardrobe Steamers     Double Dually Roller - 80K BTU     Traffic Control
  Makeup Table - Premier Series     Triple Rolling Propane Heater - 120K BTU     Stop/Slow Handheld Sign
  Makeup Table - ECO Series     Hot Box (for Tent/Warehouse)     Barricades w/o Lights
  Makeup Tables - Classic     Mini Hotbox (hair/makeup change rooms)     Barricades w/ Lights
  CVA Makeup Stations     Small Propane Heater - 15K BTU     Delineators w/ Bases
  Portable Makeup Mirrors (suitcase)     Blow Heaters - 40K BTU (AC)     18" Road Cones
  Makeup Mirrors (table top)     Standard Patio Propane Heater     28" Road Cones
  Full Length Wardrobe Mirrors     The OPUS Patio Heater     "Prepare to Stop" Signs
  Directors Chairs (choose size)     Premier Electric Heater - 70K BTU     "Road Work Ahead" Signs
  Hydraulic Stylist Chairs     Electric Heat Wave - 102K BTU     "Men Working" Signs
  Partition Dividers     Electric Hot Roller - 78K BTUs     "Wet Pavement" Signs
  Pop-Up Changing Station     Electric Heat Cube MAX - 75K BTUs     "Right/Lane Closed" Signs
  Chrome Stanchions / Red Velvet     Electric Heat Cube - 55K BTU     "Road Closed Ahead" Signs
  Black Stanchions / Blue Elastic     Electric Hot Stick - 50K BTU     "Single Lane Ahead" Signs
  Extension Cords (various lengths)     Electric Heat Ray w/ Stand 1500W     "Flagman Ahead" Signs
  Outlet Strip Cords     Electric Dish Heaters - 110V     "Special Event Ahead" Signs
  Wardrobe Truck Guts Outfitted     Portable BioDiesel Fuel Tank      
  Photo Flex Fills            
Dollies & Carts            
  Camera Cart     Misters, Fans & Air Chillers     Safety
  Magliner (Senior Series)     Off Road "XL" Power Misting System     Chrome or Black Stanchions
  Magliner w/ Shelf     Misting Mill     Cal OSHA Safety Board
  Doorway Dolly    

Optimist Misting System

  Skateboard Wheels     Misting Factory     Fire Extinguishers (Lg/Sm)
  Skateboard Doorway Dolly     Crowd Cooler Misting Fan     1st Aid Kit 50/100 Person
  Rolling Wardrobe Rack Cart     Event Mister     Worklights w/ Stands
  Lunar Cart     Party Mister     Cable Crossovers
  Rolling Furniture Pad Cart     Water Cart Mister     Hard Hats
  Rubbermaid Laundry Hamper     Water Cooler Mister     Safety Vests
  Rolling Folding Chair Rack     Canopy Misting System     Illuminated EXIT Sign
  Rolling Director Chairs Rack     2 Ton Air Conditioner     Expendables
  8' Precision Dolly Track (Round)     1.5 Ton Dual Port A/C      
  Western Dolly     Way Cool XL Air Chiller     Layout Board - per 4' x 8' sheet
  Rubbermaid Cart (Regular)     Way Cool Air Chiller     Layout Board on a roll - 40" x 100'
  Small Laundry Hamper     9 Foot Fan     2" Tan Masking Tape
  Large Laundry Hamper     The Big Air Fan (5 foot fan)     2" Low Tack Tape (Blue)
        3 Foot Fan     Foamcore - Neon Yellow

At The Beach

    Pedestal Fan     Foamcore - Black on White
  Beach Heater Dolly     E-Fan (Mole Fan)     Foamcore - Black on Black
  Lunar BEACH Hamper     RE-Fan     Foamcore - White on White
  Beach Magliner w/ Shelf     Patton Floor Fan     Foamcore (Chromakee)
  Beach Cart     Cooling & Hydrating Expendables     No Parking Signs
  Beach Table Dolly           Trash Liners (40 count per box)
              XL Trash Bags (each)

Trash / Recycling Bins

          Sash Cord (All Sizes)
Call A-POD (3 or 5 yard capacity)           Rope (All Sizes)
              Batteries (All Types)
              Rain Ponchos
        Truck Racks & Shelves     GELS Lee/Roscoe
Foggers     Truck Shelves (All Sizes)     Caution Tape (1000 ft roll)
  Mole Fogger     Anybasket Truck Organizer (Carry All)     Tapes (Camera / Gaffers / etc.)
  Roscoe 900 Fogger     Guard Rail (Load Lock)     Tapes (Chromakee / Digital)
  Roscoe 1300 Fogger     Directors Chair Truck Rack     Paint (Chromakee / Digital)
  Roscoe 1900 Fogger     Uni-Bracket (Holds Anything)     Seamless Paper (9' or 12')

Worklight & Stand Holder

    Showcard (Many Colors)

Track Racks (Set of 2)


Ladder Racks (Set of 2)

  Ladders (All Sizes)   Brooms, Mops, Rakes, Trash Cans      
  Gojaxs     Soft Push Brooms      
  Skateboard Wheels     Concrete Push Brooms     Coolers
  6' Parallel     Wet Mops     48qt. Coolers
  3' Parallel     Dust Mops (24" or 36")     68qt. Coolers
  IPOD Boom Box     Rakes (variety)     100qt. Coolers
  Super Powered Flashlight     Butt Cans     Water Coolers (5 / 10 gal)
        Recycle Cans w/ Lids     Coffee & Beverage
        Trash Cans     Coffee Thermos (5 gal.)
              Coffeemaker (32/55/100 cup)
Generators   Stunt Pads &Safety Harness     Moving
  EU2000 Watt Honda Generator     Tumble Mat 5' x 10' x 2"     Furniture Pads
  EU3000 Watt Honda Generator     Stunt Pads 4' x 6' x 4"     Bungee Cords

EU6500 Watt Honda Generator

    Stunt Pads 4' x 8' x 8"     Ratchet Straps
        Stunt Pads 5' x 8' x12"     Furniture Dolly
        Stunt Pads 5' x 10' x 24"      
        Safety Harness      
Anytime Rentals: biodiesel, gas and electric heaters; misting fans and chillers; makeup tables and mirrors; pipe and drape setup; racks and hangers; floor mats and stair pads; chrome stanchions; canopies and tents; tables and chairs; expendables; delivery, setup and more!
Anytime Rentals - Your Only True One-Stop Shop in Hollywood for all your production needs!
Anytime Rentals: biodiesel, gas and electric heaters; misting fans and chillers; makeup tables and mirrors; pipe and drape setup; racks and hangers; floor mats and stair pads; chrome stanchions; canopies and tents; tables and chairs; expendables; delivery, setup and more!


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